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Manuel Becerra
Manuel Becerra of Cordoba Spain begins to hollow out the
pegbox on the scroll of a custom violin.

The Luthier Community News, January 21, 2009

Well, here we are in 2009 and things are going swimmingly, if I do say so m'sel'!

Thanks to Bob Cefalu's, (AKA The Zoot Man's) Newsletter we've gained about 30 members in the last week - Now if we can just get some of you folks to come into the light, we'll be happier yet! Seriously though, this is a community built on participation. Yes, some folks like to just lurk, and to a degree, that's fine, but the fact is we all learn so much more when we share what we're doing, thinking, and feeling. Truly, whether it's a great victory or a frustrating problem, letting everyone read and see what you're up to is how we all get better. For example, my good friend Dan Minard is a busy guy and isn't online very often, but he posted a comment on a thread about Parrot vises wherein he noted that he embedded a small magnet in the back of his homemade jaw inserts and thereby avoids those parts tending to drift somewhere in the middle of the open jaws and get in the way of what you're fixin' to clamp. Now, to me that's just brilliant, because I have that very problem every time I use my parrot vise; now I'm going home and insetting some little rare earth magnets of my own. That may seem small potatoes, but it all adds up. I'd bet I read posts here as thoroughly as anyone, and I easily pick up two or three great ideas from large to small each and every week, and those things have definite, positive impacts on my building.

It's the spirit of cooperation and sharing that brings us here, and it's the quality thereof that keeps folks here. If you're new here, (and I say this not in the spirit of knocking anyone or any place else), let me set the record straight in one regard: You can and should step right up and post your work, your questions, anything and everything that comes to mind. Our motto is this; the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask, (and especially if you do something permanent thereafter that you're gonna regret!). We want to share and learn with ya, so now that you're here, throw your coat on the bed, grab a chair and let's have some fun.