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Frequently Asked Questions...
A FAQ listing for the site, and for the Luthier Community.

Which browser do you recommend?

A quick note about browsers, and particularly about browser versions. We don't want to force anyone to accept and use newer technology if they don't want to. However, to add modern features to this website (such as: multimedia - dynamic video and audio selection capability, state-of-the-art slide shows, PNG images with alpha channel transparency), for website standards compliance, and to use the most modern versions and technical advancements of literally more than half a dozen programming languages necessary to accomplish our vision with this website, at some point we have to abandon old technology.

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of Firefox. It's free! Firefox is standards compliant, renders pages very quickly, and has fewer security problems. It really is the best browser in the bunch right now. Safari for Mac users.

If you insist on Internet Explorer (IE), then if you have XP or Vista on your computer, IE7 is nearly adequate. Older versions of Windows require IE6, which is inadequate and obsolete. Try Google Chrome or look for IE8 soon, if you want to be adventurous (though we have noticed rendering problems with every Microsoft browser, and a few odd behaviors with Chrome.)

We want you to have the best possible experience at the Luthier Community, and that requires a good Internet browser. And, to be blunt, we simply do not have the time to re-write our entire site to 'sort of' look the same in old and new browsers.